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Learn About 111 - 200 Bottle Wine Refrigerators

Large Wine Coolers: The Best Way to Store Your Collection

Wine refrigerators are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and storage capacities. Some units are small enough to sit right on your countertop and only hold a few bottles of wine. Others are so large that they can store hundreds of wine bottles at one time. This spectrum of sizes are measured in the total amount of bottles that each wine refrigerator can hold inside.

On this page, we are only featuring wine coolers designed to store 111 to 200 bottles. All of the wine fridges here have been designed to hold a large quantity of bottles in an efficient and organized manner, and do so in a way that creates the best possible environment for your wine to age appropriately.

How You Will Benefit from a Wine Refrigerator

To ensure that your wine collection ages and fully develops over time, you need to store it in the proper environment. The temperature, humidity, type of light and vibrations in the environment must be firmly controlled, or your wine may never blossom as you want it to. A wine refrigerator is designed to not only create this environment for you, but also keeps your wine chilled at its precise serving temperature so that it's always ready for you to drink. A wine fridge is also a great solution to organize your wine collection, not only making it simple for you to find the wine you want, but do so in a way that doesn't disrupt the aging process of the other bottles inside the unit.

If you've amassed over a hundred bottles of wine or your collection is quickly growing, then it's strongly recommended that you store your wine in an environment that is complementary to each bottle. All of the wine refrigerators here, can comfortably store over 111 bottles of wine in an effortless, catalogued and efficient manner.

Finding the Best Wine Fridge For Your Home

There are many different types of wine refrigerators available for you to choose from, all of which have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you’ve gone through the trouble of gathering such a large collection of wine, you'll probably need a wine cooler that has a higher bottle capacity. Think about where you plan on putting it. Do you want to install it under your countertops or have a freestanding fridge that can be moved at your convenience? Both of these types are available in a large bottle capacities.

Do you have a collection of both whites and reds? With such a large collection, this is almost a certainty. Even if you’ve only collected reds over the years, you probably already know that some varietals should be stored at different temperatures. You are in luck because dual temperature zones are abundant around with our coolers and fridges. Different temperature zones allow you to set two internal temperatures to store different varietals at their ideal serving temperature. That’s sure to excite your tannins and please your palate.

Depending on the sensitivity and value of your vintage, you might want to consider a wine cooler with a tempered window to block out UV rays and other light sources that may affect your wine. Customizable and angled shelves not only help you organize your collection, but can also alter how you display your favorite vintages inside your unit. Other popular features to consider include internal LED lights, touch displays and french doors, all designed to create a luxurious environment to help your wine reach peak maturity and fully blossom.

No matter how many bottles you are looking to store inside your wine refrigerator, we carry all the reputable brands out there. Whether you're looking for a coveted EdgeStar wine cooler or an elegant Avallon refrigerator, we are proud to have the largest selection of wine coolers from every distinguished brand on the market.

To find the best unit for your home and lifestyle, please browse our selection and read the reviews from our customers. If you have any questions about which wine cooler may be best for you, please give us a call.