67 - 110 Bottle Wine Refrigerators

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110 Bottle 24" Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler
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74 Bottle Free Standing Single Zone Wine Cooler
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110 Bottle Dual Zone Touch Screen Wine Cooler
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70 Bottle 30" Built-In French Door Dual Zone Wine Cooler
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102 Bottle 24" Built-In Single Zone Wine Cooler
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108 Bottle 48" Built-In Side-by-Side Wine Cooler
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92 Bottle 48" Built-In Side-by-Side Wine Cooler
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106 Bottle 48" Built-In Side-by-Side Wine Cooler
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Wine Refrigerators That Store 67 to 110 Bottles

On this page, we are only featuring wine refrigerators designed to store 67 to 110 bottles. These units are ideal for anyone that have a growing collection of wine. All of the wine fridges here have been designed with optimal storage and serving temperatures in mind. Whether you're looking to drink these in the near future or let them age for another decade, every wine refrigerator on our site will keep your bottles chilled, organized and readily accessible.

Why You Should Consider a Wine Fridge

It's important to store your wine in an environment that will help it age and fully blossom, especially as your collection continues to grow. A wine fridge is ideal to helping you accomplish this. Not only can you control the temperature and humidity levels inside the unit, but you can also block-out UV rays and other light sources that may have a detrimental effect on the aging process.

In addition to controlling the storage environment, a wine refrigerator also allows you to keep your growing collection organized and catalogued in a way that suits you best. An added perk is the convenience factor that naturally come with wine fridges. With shelves and drawers that can be customized to accommodate your collection, you can proudly display your most coveted bottles in a way that actually helps it age over time.

Aside from organization and aging, one of the most important benefits of a wine fridge is how much control you have on the serving temperature of different varietals within the unit. No matter the situation, you will always have your favorite bottle of wine chilled at its perfect serving temperature and ready to drink. Not only does this eliminate the need for rapid chilling, but allows you the precision to experience the true flavor and bouquet of each individual wine.

How to Find the Best Wine Cooler For You

There are many different types of wine coolers out there, all ranging in size, shape and bottle storage capacity. If you have a large or growing wine collection, then you will likely want a larger unit that can accommodate your needs. All of the wine fridges listed here are designed to conveniently hold up to 110 bottles in a carefully controlled environment.

No matter how many bottles your unit can store, you will want a wine fridge that is a complement to your lifestyle. Blending seamlessly into your home, undercounter wine fridges are a great choice for anyone remodeling their home or don't want to give up floor space. Freestanding units can be placed virtually anywhere in your home, ensuring that you always have your favorite bottle of wine close by and ready to open.

Another consideration is what type of wine do you prefer? The best serving temperature will vary between different varietals. If you commonly drink different types of wine, then you will be best served with a wine cooler that is designed with a dual temperature zone. This flexibility allows you store different types of wine inside the same unit, all while keep them at their optimal serving temperature.

Why You Should Buy From Us

Not only do we have the largest selection of wine coolers, but we only carry the most reputable brands on the market. Whether its a wine rack or set of stemless wine glasses, every brand featured on the site has been tried, tested and reviewed for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. From EdgeStar to Avallon to Summit, we are proud to carry only the most distinguished brands available on the market.

To find the best unit for your home and lifestyle, please browse our selection and read the reviews from our customers. If you have any questions about which wine cooler may be best for you, please give us a call.

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