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Learn About Wine Preservers

Experience the True Flavor & Aroma With a Wine Aerator & Preserver

After being compressed inside of a bottle for so long, certain wines, especially red ones can benefit from a little aeration before consumption. It is a common misconception that the act of uncorking a bottle is enough to allow sufficient airflow inside the bottle to open the flavors up. Since the mouth of the bottle is exceptionally narrow, not much air can get inside of a bottle that is filled with wine, as a result many flavors are often muted or lost. Wine preservers serve to slow down the oxidation of open wine. This ensures your wine will stay fresh for days after you have opened the bottle.

Make Wine More Flavorful with Aeration Products

Aeration has one main benefit. It makes wine taste better. Increasing the amount of air that wine is exposed to develops more of its hidden flavor notes. You don’t need to be a professional wine connoisseur in order to know how to aerate your wine properly. There are plenty of wine aerators, decanters and wine preservers available at Wine Cooler Direct that you can use to make your vino more tasteful.

There is no right or wrong way to aerate wine. However, there are some items you can use to ensure that you get the most flavor out of your wine. The goal is to increase the amount of oxygen that is mixed with your vino. To do that, you’ll need to pour it from the bottle to expose it to air. Adding an aerator to the mouth of your wine bottle before pouring allows you to control the aeration process as you pour. Some aerator pourers also contain built-in stoppers so you can safely seal your wine bottles without removing them. This makes it much easier for you to aerate your wine in the future without looking for a special container or device.

Decanters also make the aeration process very simple. They can be found in the form of wine glasses and containers. Their wide mouth openings make it possible for your wine to breathe much faster so you don’t have to wait a long time to taste the new flavor developments. You can maximize the amount of air that your wine comes in contact with before drinking it so you can enjoy deeper and stronger flavors.

When shopping for wine aerators and decanters, you should also consider preservers. Wine preservers allow you to keep open wine fresh. Many people find it challenging to replace wine corks after they have been removed. Electric preservers remove excess air from the inside of your wine bottles to preserve their flavor and so you can finish the bottle at your convenience. Some electric preservers also have date stamps to make it easier for you to keep track of when your wine bottles are opened.

Whether you want to transform a bland tasting wine into a more colorful and robust one or you want to experience every hidden flavor note in the bottle, there are professional wine tools for you to use. They are also great investments if you want to make your wines taste like more expensive versions without the investment. Purchase top brand wine and preserver products from Wine Cooler Direct for a fraction of the cost to enjoy premium benefits.