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Avallon AWC241SZDUAL :: 108 Bottle Side-by-Side Wine Cooler

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    Avallon Avallon AWC241SZDUAL :: 108 Bottle Side-by-Side Wine Cooler

    NOTE: This product is comprised of (2) refrigerators, requiring (2) separate plugs. The two separate units generally arrive at the same time, but may arrive separately

    If you are a serious wine connoisseur, then the Avallon 108 Bottle Built-In Side-by-Side Wine Cooler (AWC241SZDUAL) is exactly what you need. Engineered for optimal wine preservation, this side-by-side cellar uses powerful, compressor-based technology to independently cool two separate climate zones, each offering a temperature range of 40 to 65°F. Both climate zones feature an internal fan that works to maintain consistent interior conditions, quickly achieving your desired degree while eliminating the chance for hot spots. You can customize this unit's lighting to suit any spaces' ambience, with options for constant to automatic blue or white LEDs, while the two digital-touch control panels allow for precise and easy-to-read temperature adjustments. Complete with French stainless steel doors, insulated low-E glass, and two digital-touch control panels, the Avallon 108 Bottle Side-by-Side Wine Cooler will ensure your wine collection is properly preserved and ready to serve.

    Dual-Zone Operation: This side-by-side wine fridge features two independently cooled climate zones, both offering a temperature range from 50 to 65°F

    Even Cooling: You will never have to worry hot spots or uneven cooling thanks to this unit's powerful circulation fans, which work in tandem with the compressor to evenly distribute cold air throughout the interior

    Low-E Glass: Double-paned, low-E glass that's reinforced with a layer of argon gas helps block ultraviolet rays to prevent premature aging and preserve your wine

    Attractive Appearance: This unit's sleek design, stainless steel finish, French doors and customizable LED lighting will enhance any space with a touch of modern elegance

    Touch Control: Using the two digital-touch control panels, you can conveniently adjust input temperature settings and alternate between blue or white LED interior lighting

    Slide-Out Shelving: There are six adjustable, pull-out shelves for each cooling zone, allowing you to easily view, sort and select your wine bottles

    Secure & Safe: The AWC241SZDUAL includes two true-key locks so you can relax knowing your contents are out of reach from unwanted hands

    Note: This unit is comprised of Avallon models AWC241SZLH and AWC241SZRH. The factory-installed doors are not interchangeable.