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30 Inch Wide 26 Bottle 80 Can Side-by-Side Wine and Beverage Center
30 Inch Wide 26 Bottle 80 Can Side-by-Side Wine and Beverage Center
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Leaves the Warehouse Tomorrow, May 28th
30 Inch Wide 30 Bottle 80 Can Side-by-Side Wine and Beverage Cooler
30 Inch Wide 30 Bottle 80 Can Side-by-Side Wine and Beverage Cooler
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Leaves the Warehouse Tomorrow, May 28th

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The Best Wine Coolers: The Most Reliable Fridges Based On Reviews

Whether you’re looking to invest in your very first wine cooler or looking to add another unit to help store your growing collection of wines, choosing the best wine fridge for you and your lifestyle may seem like a daunting task. However, once you know what features you want and where you plan on putting it, selecting the right wine cooler is easier than deciding what bottle to open after a hard week.

To help you decide on which unit is best for your collection, we've highlighted our best wine coolers based on the reviews and feedback from our customers. If you find a wine cooler on this list, rest assured that it has been thoroughly vetted and reviewed by real people, and their feedback can now help you decide on which unit is best for you.

How to Find the Best Wine Cooler For You

No matter the size of your room or the style of decor, we offer a multitude of wine coolers that are all guaranteed to seamlessly fit into any space. From large freestanding units to small built-in models, the process of selecting the best wine cooler is going to differ from person to person depending on their intended use, desired features and the layout of their home.

You can choose from wine coolers with black, platinum or stainless steel-trimmed doors for an attractive freestanding unit. Fully finished with black or stainless steel cabinets and insulated dual-pane glass that block out UV rays, freestanding wine coolers provide warranted functionality and style. With the added flexibility of being easy to move, a freestanding fridge can sit directly on your countertop or rest comfortably underneath your home bar.

On the other hand, a built-in wine cooler may be the best fit for you. This type of wine cooler can be installed directly under the kitchen counter or mounted flush with cabinetry, for a seamless appearance that complements all types of kitchenware. Designed for convenient storage in almost any nook or cranny, some built-in wine coolers even feature reversible door hinges to accommodate the most compact of spaces. Undercounter wine coolers are extremely popular for homeowners that are in the middle of a remodel or looking to replace an old trash compactor with something more useful.

Another popular option is to choose a wine cooler that doubles as a beverage refrigerator. You can store a variety of different beverages alongside your wine, all while keep them at your desired temperature. If you like to enjoy a variety of reds and whites, perhaps a side-by-side wine fridge is the best unit for you. This dual-zone feature allows you to simultaneously store both red and white wines all within the same fridge, with controls to individually set temperature zones and ensure each varietal is kept at its perfect serving temperature.

As you can see, you have plenty of options to choose from, which makes finding the best wine cooler a little more difficult than simply buying the first one you come across.

Why You Should Buy a Wine Cooler From Us

Every wine cooler on our site has been thoroughly tested and reviewed to ensure that the wine you store inside has a comfortable resting place to age appropriately, as well as always be ready to serve. Engineered for efficiency, our selection of wine coolers feature advanced cooling technology to effectively distribute cool air throughout the interior, using powerful circulation fans to prevent hotspots and uneven cooling. Insulated double-pane glass not only helps keep the cold air in, but also work to block out UV rays and other light sources that can be potentially harmful to the wine stored inside. Internal LED lights and electronic control panels make adjusting temperatures easier than ever. Whether it's a thermoelectric refrigerator or a compressor-based unit, we carry the most reputable wine cooler brands on the market, including EdgeStar, Avallon, Summit and Koldfront.

All of this to say that we are confident that you will find the best wine coolers here on If you have any questions about wine refrigerators, please give us a call.