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Top 500 Internet Retailer Expanding Workforce Again

October 19, 2009 adds six new positions to bolster operational efficiency, brings workforce total to 56.

Living Direct, Inc., an eCommerce company ranked number 265 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide® for 2009, is proud to announce the creation of six new positions as the company continues its rapid growth in sales and revenue. Each role has been established to help the company improve its products, sales and customer experience.

"We've been fortunate, in that, as we've expanded, our employees have grown with us, often wearing multiple hats to help us accomplish the task at hand. But, now, we have scaled to the point that we need additional talent and more clearly defined roles to help us realize the next phase of our growth plans," said Jason Roussos, President of Living Direct.

Roussos and the executive team started by creating new leadership roles in Living Direct's warehouse and website management departments. Both positions were filled by employees promoted from within the company, leaving vacant roles for two new hires that came from outside the organization.

Living Direct then strengthened the customer service team by adding a pair of seasoned customer support specialists. Other operational moves by the company included the hiring of an order processing specialist and an accountant.

The most recent employee additions by Living Direct have increased the total number of employees to 56. Living Direct has created 12 new jobs since September 2008, a 27% staff increase over that time period.

The strategic growth is seen as part of a broader plan by Living Direct CEO, Rick Lundbom. "My commitment is to build one of the best places to work in central Texas--period," said Lundbom. "When our employees have a manageable workload and know exactly what is expected of them, it makes it that much easier for them to provide the world-class customer experience that is demanded within our company."

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