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Breezaire Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Since 1985, Breezaire’s been a name at the top of wine cooling systems. With decades of cooling system manufacturing behind their belts, they’re always looking to improve. In fact, every single product that Breezaire designs and creates today is an improved version of an original product, showcasing their sheer dedication to self-improvement and top of the line wine cooling systems. Each unit they manufacture is designed and engineered to provide ideal conditions for your wine, whether you’re storing or aging, and their range of models provides options for new and old collections alike. Whether you’re a budding wine enthusiast who has just started to collect bottles—or a grizzled veteran with catalogs of priceless bottles—you’re sure to find something from Breezaire.

Breezaire’s self-contained cellar cooling systems are single-box units that can cool anywhere from 265 to 1000 cubic feet at a time. Models equipped with the Sentry III intelligent programming will automatically monitor and control your temperature and fan speeds, making sure your wines rest at a perfect temperature, making sure they age delicately into the vintage quaffs they’re destined to be.

Self-contained Breezaire models that feature the Sentinel II control system offer an incredibly versatile way to control your wine temperatures. A separate control panel comes with LCD display for you tom outside of your cellar, making sure that you’ve always got an eye on the ambient temperatures of your resting collection. If you haven’t upgraded to a cellar yet—but still have wines cooling down in a cabinet—Breezaire’s got you covered. Simply look toward their Cabinet Wine Cooler Unit for an efficient cooling solution that’ll keep your wines chilling and aging in just the right atmosphere.

If a self-contained solution isn’t what you’re after, Breezaire also manufactures split system cellar cooling units. These ingenious designs split the cooling work between two separate enclosures, with a fan and coil in one unit and a separate condenser unit that can be placed up to 50 feet away, making sure that your cellar’s temperature and air flow isn’t affected adversely by any extra condensation, excess hum, or vibrations. Just like their self-contained cousins, these split systems are rated to cool spaces between 265 and 1000 cubic feet.

Additionally, all of Breezaire’s units are equipped with ports to connect a probe. The Breezaire Bottle Probe is essentially a thermometer designed to sit and rest in a wine bottle filled with a liquid, which it judges the ambient temperature of. Since air temperature can fluctuate depending on the space and conditions, the bottle probe is uniquely suited to measure the temperature of a liquid resting in the exact same conditions and containers as the rest of your wine.

No matter your wine-cooling needs or preferences, Breezaire is uniquely suited to design and manufacture products that will age your wines perfectly. If you’ve got a cabinet or a cellar, Breezaire’s decades of experience make sure that their coolers will see your wines through a delicate maturation and realization of their true flavors.