Avallon Wine Coolers

Advanced Air Cooled Technology

Technology that evenly cools every inch of the interior while eliminating hot spots ultimately protecting your wine.

Preservation Glass Door

The Argon filled glass door acts as a thermal barrier filtering out harmful UV rays that can affect the integrity of your wine.

Luxury and Style Combined

Stainless steel accents, a seamless door frame, a professional handle and alternating blue and white LED lighting make for a sleek and modern look.

Upscale Internal Finishes

Equipped with sturdy wood rolling shelves and a touch panel digital display to provide superb and easy-to-use functionality.

Block Unwanted Odors

The integrated carbon filter prevents harmful and unwanted odors from seeping in.

Avallon: Life Built In

With over half a century of experience under their belt, Avallon strives to create world-class appliances that enhance their customers’ lives. The well-rounded company has engineered a multitude of innovative products—from digital touch single zone and dual zone wine coolers to advanced beverage centers and outdoor refrigerators—Avallon believes that convenience, luxury and affordability should be appliance necessities, not additional features.

While the company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, Avallon makes every effort to partner with major retailers throughout the country to ensure that anyone can take advantage of their beautifully smart appliances. Aside from their drive to guarantee convenience, Avallon values quality. From the development process to product manufacturing, a lot of technical detail and thought is put into the selection of their appliances. Product excellence and customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of Avallon’s mind.

Avallon’s first-rate wine coolers are designed to accommodate a wide variety of consumer preferences and are built to a commercial standard. The entire line features beautiful trim doors with double-paned low-E glass to filter harmful UV rays that affect your wine’s taste, while the eco-friendly refrigerant and argon gas ensure for maximum efficiency.

Unlike many competitors, Avallon’s single zone wine coolers are top performers in the industry. These coolers showcase 27, 54 and 151 bottle storage capacities, and are even engineered to mimic wine cellar temperatures with a range from 40°F to 65°F. State-of-the-art cooling technology is used to evenly distribute air throughout the interior cabinet, whereas other manufacturers exploit insufficiently outdated cold plates. The well-known brand also boasts dual zone wine refrigerators, ideal solutions for connoisseurs wanting to separately store red and white wines within the same appliance. One zone can reach temperatures between 40°F and 54°F, perfect for storing white or sparkling wines, while the other zone is ideal for reds with a range of 54°F – 65°F.

With just as much effort put into the engineering as their wine units, Avallon’s industry-standard beverage coolers are far from disappointing. These beverage centers can be installed undercounter or left freestanding thanks to the front-venting design, making them perfect contenders for any space. Although Avallon’s beverage coolers feature compact dimensions with widths as slim as 15 inches, their internal storage capacities are able to hold up to 152 cans of your favorite beverage. These high-end refrigerators are equipped with sanded-glass shelves and digital touch panel controls to provide warranted functionality to your space.

You can easily transform outdoor kitchens, patios and bars into the perfect summer retreat with Avallon’s outdoor beverage refrigerators. Their advanced cooler lineup was reinforced with a fully stainless steel exterior cabinet and door, along with other necessities, to withstand Mother Nature’s harsh elements. Whether it’s water, beer or soda, these durable fridges can maintain temperatures as low as 34°F to precisely chill your beverages without freezing. Powerful circulation fans work in tandem with the compressor to evenly distribute cool air throughout the cabinet. If you need a compact refrigerator with reliable operation and versatility, than look no further than these outdoor chillers.

Innovation, convenience, customer satisfaction and affordability are important factors that Avallon holds true. Their appliances are tailored to simplify your life as much as possible, allowing you spend more time doing what you love. Invest in an Avallon and enjoy one of the many perks of luxury for years to come.