Built-In & Undercounter Wine Coolers

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33 Bottle 15 Built-In Single Zone Wine Cooler
33 Bottle 15 Built-In Single Zone Wine Cooler
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34 Bottle 15 Built-In Seamless Cabinet Single Zone Wine Cooler
34 Bottle 15 Built-In Seamless Cabinet Single Zone Wine Cooler
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15 Inch Wide Wine Refrigerator with LED Interior Lighting
15 Inch Wide Wine Refrigerator with LED Interior Lighting
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Learn About Built-In & Undercounter Wine Coolers

Built-In Wine Coolers: Designed to Seamlessly Fit Your Lifestyle

Designed to seamlessly blend into your kitchen, a built-in wine cooler is a great way to save space and store your wine at the precise serving temperature you prefer. Whether you're looking to age your wine or just keep a few of your favorite bottles in a convenient location, an undercounter refrigerator is easily the most luxurious way to to store your wine.

Here at WineCoolerDirect, we are proud to have one of the largest assortments of undercounter refrigerators available online. Whether you're looking for a built-in wine cooler or an undercounter beverage fridge, we have models available in virtually every size, type and finish, with even more features and storage capacities to boot.

How You Will Benefit From A Built-In Wine Cooler

An undercounter wine cooler offers versatile storage in the most convenient location for you. Whether you want to update your kitchen, mini-bar or dining room, all of our undercounter refrigerators have been designed with standard-height countertop installations in mind. There are even many built-in units designed to replace old appliances, such as that trash compactor you haven't used in years.

No matter how many bottles of wine you'd like to store, we have a multitude of small, medium and large capacity wine refrigerators that can be built into just about any nook and cranny in your home. Smaller undercounter wine coolers allow you to keep a few of your favorite bottles near by and ready to open. Whereas larger fridges can be built into your cabinetry to create a seamless, elegant appearance that not only helps your wine age, but also creates a luxurious look that is guaranteed to impress.

The Difference Between Freestanding & Built-In Fridges

If you plan on installing a wine cooler into your cabinetry, it's important to know the differences between freestanding units and those designed to be built-in. While any wine cooler can act as a standalone fridge, not all of them are engineered to be built into your cabinets. The key here is providing the proper ventilation for your wine fridge.

In order to accommodate undercounter installations, wine coolers and other types of refrigerators must be designed to have ventilation in the front of the unit. This is important because front-venting units prevent unwanted overheating by pulling warm exhaust away from the compressor. While fully integrated wine refrigerators are designed without front ventilation, the housing they are sealed in must have a back air vent at the base. If you install a wine cooler into your countertops and it doesn't have the proper ventilation, then it will likely overheat and, ultimately, have a shorter lifespan than you'd expect.

Finding the Best Undercounter Refrigerator For Your Wine

When it comes to buying an undercounter wine cooler, you'll quickly notice that you have a wide range of options to choose from. The amount of features, finishes and sizes presented to you may seem a bit overwhelming to a casual observer. To help you find the best wine cooler for your needs, we would recommend considering the types of wine and beverages you plan on storing inside of it, as well as how much storage space you truly need.

For example, if your wine collection consists of a variety of red, white and sparkling wines, then you will definitely want to consider a built-in wine cooler that has multiple temperature zones. This feature is a must-have for anyone that commonly collects or drinks different types of wine. Multiple temperature zones give you more flexibility to store different varietals inside the same fridge, but adjust each zone to the optimal temperature for that specific type of wine. This allows you to keep your red and white wines, or other types of beverages, at their perfect serving temperature and always ready to serve.

Another feature to consider is the door itself. You obviously want your built-in wine cooler to match the decor of the room its located in, but you also need to consider whether it can block out the harmful light that can affect the aging process. You can choose a solid door available in black, platinum or stainless steel, but you also have the option of buying a fridge with a glass front. If this is more your style, then it's important to get an insulated dual-pane glass that is designed to block out UV rays. This not only blocks out harmful light, but helps regulate the temperature as well.

Additionally, many undercounter wine coolers feature reversible door hinges. This feature allows you to adjust which way the door swings open, giving you a little more flexibility in where you install the fridge. It can be very frustrating to find out that your fridge is unable to accommodate its intended space — all because of door swing.

Whether you’re looking to replace an old trash compactor or doing a complete remodel in your kitchen, a built-in refrigerator is one of the best ways to store your wine and improve the value of your home. With our large assortment of built-in wine coolers, we are confident you will find the right unit for your home and lifestyle. If you have any questions about installations, features—or just can’t seem to choose between two undercounter models—give us a call. We are ready to guide you and answer all of your questions.