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CellarPro CPU7685 :: AH18SC Self-Contained Air Handler

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CellarPro CellarPro CPU7685 :: AH18SC Self-Contained Air Handler

Create and customize your very own wine cellar cooling system with the CellarPro Air Handler Self-Contained AH18SC (CPU7685). Engineered for internal applications, the CPU7685 features powerful, variable-speed centrifugal fans to effectively cool wine cellars up to 5,000 cubic feet with 15,000 BTUs of power. The lightweight aluminum body is corrosion resistant to withstand everyday use, while the compressor coils are designed to handle harsh environments ranging from 128 to 1108F.

Overflow Protection: This air handler is fully equipped with a Stainless Steel condensate pan and condensate safety switch to protect your unit against condensate overflow while reducing routine maintenance

A-Frame Evaporator: The CPU7685 features a powerful A-frame evaporator to increase its overall cooling capacity and energy efficiency

Self-Contained or Ducted: The evaporator and condenser require 12 inches of clearance when not ducted and approximately 2000 CFM of ventilation if installed in a confined space; the centrifugal fans can handle ducting up to 100 equivalent feet using 12-inch flex duct on the hot and cold side of the unit

Ready to Cool: Without the need for ductwork or help from a professional to complete your installation, the CellarPro Air Handler Self-Contained arrives ready to use, right out of the box

Minimal Noise: This cellar system's scroll compressors are mounted on vibration isolators to minimize noise transmissions while the evaporator compartment is acoustically insulated

Reliable: The CellarPro CPU7685 has been tested for performance, and is capable of maintaining the optimal cellar climate in extreme conditions ranging from 128 to 1108F

Includes Control Circuit: For your convenience, this unit includes a class 2, 24VAC control circuit with all necessary contactors, fuses and circuit breakers

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