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CellarPro Cellar Cooling Systems

Finding a reliable cooling system to preserve your wine collection is a daunting decision—so it’s best to choose a brand that’s designed for performance and longevity. Since 2008, CellarPro has been transforming the lives of many, supplying both residential and commercial wine cellars with ideal conditions for long-term storing and aging of wine. All of CellarPro’s products are manufactured and individually tested in Petaluma, California, to ensure for the highest possible quality. When you invest in a CellarPro, you know you’re receiving a well-made, state-of-the-art appliance.

Here at WineCoolerDirect, we offer an extensive selection of CellarPro cooling systems that are available in a multitude of configurations, so you can easily find the best choice for your application.

If you’re in need of quick cellar cooling and don’t have the patience for installing ductwork, then you’ll best benefit from this brand’s selection of self-contained cooling systems. Without the requirement for ducting or refrigeration lines, these advanced units operate with an evaporator and condenser—all housed under one appliance. If your wine cellar is already at maximum capacity, CellarPro’s through-the-wall systems take up virtually no floor space and can operate in extreme conditions up to 115°F.

Engineered for high energy efficiencies and a long-lasting performance, ductless split systems by CellarPro will effortlessly maintain consistent temperatures and humidity levels. Ideal for spaces where proper ventilation isn’t available, these cooling units feature a split-system design with the evaporative components directly installed in your cellar and the compressor up to 50 feet away. By separating the evaporator and compressor, operative noise levels are significantly reduced, as well as emitted vibrations—a factor known to affect a wine’s taste and maturity. Complete with high-output centrifugal fans and oversized condenser coils, CellarPro’s split systems will provide powerful cooling for years to come.

Whether your wine cellar is extremely small or considerably large, CellarPro’s assortment of ducted cooling systems offer a customizable operation and clutter-free appearance. These wine appliances provide maximum versatility for a wide range of installations, even outdoors. Because of their ducted design, most system evaporators and condensers can be installed up to 100 feet away, which reduces overall noise and vibration levels. All of CellarPro’s ducted units meet and exceed North American safety standards, so you can rest assured knowing your wine collection is in good hands.

Aside from cellar cooling appliances, we have each and every type of CellarPro accessory readily available for your convenience. Choose from condensate drain lines and heating elements that optimize system performance, or a duct-hood kit that allows your unit to accommodate almost any setting.

No matter your level of expertise, CellarPro will have a cooling system that is perfect for your needs. If you’re worried about defective parts and repair costs, don’t be. This well-known manufacturer offers the longest warranty in the industry, covering everything from parts, labor and repairs on most units for up to 5 years. When it comes to your wine collection, quality is everything.

Choose a brand that outperforms the competition on every level; invest in a CellarPro cooling system today.