Extended Warranties

The extended service plan covers:

Any problem that is a result of product failure due to normal usage. As a holder of an extended service plan, all parts and labor will be paid for to keep your appliance in good operating condition throughout the length of the contract.

  • 100% parts and labor
  • Replaces product if irreparable
  • No deductible or maximum
  • 24/7/365 service with multi-lingual support and assistance for the hearing impared
  • No limit to the number of repairs
  • Mirrors manufacturer's warranty for on-site vs. carry in service area

The extended service plan does NOT cover:

Your extended service plan does not cover any damage in the following situations:

  • Damage to a non-operating part
  • Damage to any part that is designed to be replaced periodically throughout the life cycle of the appliance
  • Damage resulting from fire, flooding, sand, lightning, etc.
  • Damage resulting from improper maintenance or lack of compliance with manufacturer-suggested maintenance.

Exercise the service plan as often as needed

There is no limit to the number of repairs that can be performed on the covered appliance. The limit of liability is set at the actual cash value of the appliance in working condition at the time of the claim. This holds true for each claim separately. Your service plan becomes effective as of the date of purchase. The first year of coverage is covered by the original manufacturer's warranty in most cases (the few exceptions are for products with a 90 day labor warranty from the manufacturer). After that the extended service plan kicks in an additional 1, 2, or 4 years of coverage on top of the original 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Do I have to purchase the plan now?

No, you can purchase an extended service plan at any time up until 90 days before the labor portion of the original manufacturer's warranty expires. Most of the products on our site carry a manufacturer warranty with full labor coverage for one year.

What do I do when my product needs service?

That´s the easy part. One call to the toll-free service number and your service problem is solved. In most cases, we can arrange service right in your local area. Call the toll-free service number at 1-877-607-2517 for immediate assistance.

Is the extended service plan renewable or transferable?

Of course! Prior to the expiration of each annual agreement you'll have the opportunity to keep your product protection in full force. It stands to reason the longer you continue to own the product, the more valuable the security of your extended service plan becomes. Also, there is no charge to transfer the protection to a new owner in case you should sell the covered product. These service protection plans add to the resale value of the covered product.

If I move, is my service plan still effective?

With over 12,000 authorized service centers in the United States alone, as long as your product is covered, you´ll be totally protected from costly repair bills almost anywhere you may go. Plus, your extended warranty offers worldwide service - a benefit not covered by many manufacturers' warranties.

Is this service plan insured?

Absolutely! Every agreement is fully insured by one of the nation's leading underwriters. No matter what happens, you and your product are completely covered.