About CompactAppliance.com

CompactAppliance.com is a division of Living Direct, Inc. and was established in 1999. CompactAppliance.com was created to provide an online destination for people in search of distinctive home appliances that offer superior style and maximum functionality. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer care and unique, quality products at a fair price.

Authorized Online Retailer:

CompactAppliance.com is an Authorized Retailer for every brand we sell. Being an authorized online retailer allows us to provide our customers with a higher level of protection for goods and assures the best possible service available online. Key reasons to shop with an Authorized Retailer include the added assurance that your equipment's warranty will be honored, your merchandise was intended to be sold in the U.S. market and is not a "knockoff" product and the benefit of ongoing product updates provided by the manufacturer.


The Living Direct Network

Living Direct, Inc. began in 1999 as Richlund Ventures in Austin, TX. Since then, we have grown into a multi-million dollar, top 500 e-retailer corporate brand, while still maintaining a fun work environment for our employees and stellar service for our customers.

What We Do

Living Direct has been a leader in online retail for over 10 years. We strive to provide the best customer experience and high quality products to satisfy modern living needs. We want to help select the products that fit your requirements, make sure that you enjoy your products for as long as you have them and assist you with future purchases.

Our employees enjoy working for Living Direct, because we offer an environment where everyone is encouraged to put forward their ideas and opinions. We do our best to foster team work between departments and make sure everyone is acknowledged for their contributions to the Living Direct team.

So Why Appliances?

In the words of our founder and CEO, Rick Lundbom, appliances picked him, not the other way around.

Rick grew up around appliances. Both his dad and grandfather sold appliances for boats and RVs, and Rick saw the potential for more people to be interested in these smaller, specialized products. He likes the idea that these products solve a problem. Compact appliances might not always be the first choice, but they are the necessary choice for many people who live in small spaces but require the amenities of a large space.

Following this interest in problem-solving appliances, Rick launched CompactAppliance.com and the company has continued to expand its selection to other niche appliances geared toward special interests.

Network of Sites

Company Culture

Lagniappe Award

Lagniappe is a Cajun French word meaning “to give something extra.” As you can probably guess, this award is given to an employee that has excelled and gone beyond their expected responsibility at Living Direct. In addition to the recognition of his or her work, the winning employee also gets use of the best parking spot in the lot until the award is passed on.

The Lagniappe Drum

To celebrate company achievements, new hires, promotions and individual accomplishments, Living Direct employees are gathered by the beating of the Living Direct drum. After everyone is within earshot, each achievement and accomplishment is read aloud so the people involved can be recognized and congratulated. New employees are required to bang the drum to mark their start at Living Direct.

The 14,000 BTU Cup

This is a rather odd addition to any office, but the 14,000 BTU Cup is a trophy that was personally crafted for Living Direct from an EdgeStar 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. It was awarded at a company meeting that took place at a bowling alley to the team with the best combined bowling score. No word yet on whether it will be passed on to winners of future company competitions or new trophies will be created from any of our other appliances.