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18 Inch Wide 35 Bottle Capacity Free Standing Wine Cooler with LED Lighting
18 Inch Wide 35 Bottle Capacity Free Standing Wine Cooler with LED Lighting
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The Best Gifts Under $300

If you are looking to spend around $300 or less for a home bar or wine gift, you have several options. Depending personal preferences, habits and needs of your friend or family member, you may want to consider a wine cooling system, a portable ice maker or even a large wine storage system or bar setup.

Presents for Budding Wine Connoisseurs

Do you know someone who is just starting to discover wine, or has an extensive collection? They may need a way to store their wine or keep it at just the right temperature. If so, they will be delighted to receive a gift that keeps their wine chilled and attractively displays their growing collection. We have the best wine coolers and wine refrigerators designed to hold as few as six to over 35 bottles of wine, perfect for the budding wine collector.

With clear glass fronts, options for touch screen electronic controls and freestanding capabilities, our wine coolers can blend right in with the any wine lover’s kitchen. Depending on the kind of wine your gift recipient drinks and the types of wine they want to store, you will want to decide between a single zone or dual zone refrigeration system, among other specificities.

If your friend or family member prefers various types of reds or other wines typically consumed at room temperature, a wine storage system such as a tower, cabinet or other furniture display piece may be the ideal gift. Consider whether the recipient might want a drawer as additional storage space for all of their wine accessories. They may also be more interested in a closed case or a cabinet that is open to display their growing collection.

Shelves or full bars are also popular wine gift options. You can choose a beautiful wine bar or shelving unit that will hold a number of bottles and be an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture, as well. These make great gifts for those who don’t yet have storage systems for their wine stash.

Ice Makers are Ideal for Kitchens and Home Bars

Having quick access to ice is important. That’s why a portable ice maker can make the perfect gift for your recipient’s home bar or kitchen. With a portable ice maker, your recipient can have extra freezer space typically reserved for ice trays. They also won’t have to worry about buying ice for their next party or family road trip. Because they don’t need a drain or water line, they are easy to take outdoors or on the road! Portable ice makers can produce about 30 pounds of ice a day and yet are small enough to sit on a table, bar or kitchen countertops.

Whatever you choose, your recipient is sure love such a thoughtful gift and may use it every day. Whether they are entertaining company or simply chilling a bottle of chardonnay to enjoy with dinner, you are sure to find what you are looking for on Wine Cooler Direct.