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Ice Makers : The Perfect Addition to any Home Bar

For over a century, ice makers have been keeping our beverages ice-cold. Whether it’s installed undercounter, flushed into cabinetry or left freestanding—we offer an array of ice machines that will effortlessly supply your kitchen or home bar with tasteless, gourmet shaped ice. Shop our collection of industry-leading brands like EdgeStar, Summit, Danby, Koldfront, and many more.

Built-In & Undercounter Ice Makers

Browse our extensive collection of undercounter ice makers to provide your home with an endless supply of restaurant-quality ice in only a matter of minutes. Built-in ice machines feature a front-vented design for convenient undercounter installations to fit any setting you’d need. You can even build these ice makers directly into cabinetry for a flawless display that complements the decor of any room.

Choose from one of our low-production models to supply your family dinners with the perfect amount of ice—as low as 12 lbs. per day—or invest in an ice maker with outputs as much as 85 lbs. of ice every day to ensure your party never runs out of great-tasting ice. We feature a wide assortment of variety of styles, finishes and door types to help you find the best under counter ice maker for your lifestyle.

Outdoor Ice Makers

Completely reinforced with durable stainless steel exteriors to withstand harsh outdoor elements and ensure longevity, our selection of outdoor ice makers are the best choices for your next backyard barbecue, pool party or deck renovation. All of our outdoor ice makers feature slim widths, some even as thin as 14.6 inches, and most are equipped with reversible door hinges, so you’ll have no issues finding the right machine to fit snug under-counter.

Outdoor ice makers are designed and tested to withstand the sometimes extreme elements necessary for outdoor use. Utilizing advanced compressor-based cooling systems to keep the insulated interior cabinets as cold as possible, this type of ice maker provides you with a steady stream of ice no matter how hot or cold it is outside. Complete with handy functions like automatic operation and close door assist, these reliable ice makers will provide your backyard with seemingly-endless amounts of ice for seasons to come.

Portable Ice Makers

One of the most popular types of ice makers are the portable versions that can be used virtually anywhere there is an outlet. Without the requirement for a permanent water line, portable ice makers are compact alternatives to other types of ice machines. Simply plug it in and add water, and you will have ice within minutes.

All of our portable ice machines are designed to be small, compact and slim, making them convenient additions to RVs, boats and small kitchens—even on top of counters. Instead of constantly producing ice from an inlet water supply, portable ice makers are engineered to refreeze water from melted ice to produce even more ice, so you can save on water and minimize trips to the sink for refills. We feature a wide assortment of styles, colors and finishes to help you find the best portable ice maker for you and your lifestyle.

We proudly offer a multitude of ice makers, including the most reputable models on the market from EdgeStar and Koldfront, all at an affordable price that can’t be beat. If you’re on the hunt for an ice machine or ice maker for your home, we are confident that we have the perfect unit for you.