9:Partial Credit Issued 8:Full Credit Issued D:In Warehouse 7:Authorized for Return b:Back Ordered q:To Be Canceled L:Customized G:Gift C:Canceled E:Exchanged 1:Partial Exchange 6:Partial Refused 4:Partial Return 5:Partial Undeliverable Y:Refused Return R:Returned I:Undeliverable Return N:Canceled t:In Warehouse r:Replaced H:To Be Shipped M:Credit Issued Z:Checked O:Point of Sale U:Shipped J:Gift i:On Credit Hold T:To Be Shipped F:Canceled Q:Verify Stock u:Shipped v:Shipment Stopped V:Shipment Stopped X:Tracer Issued P:In Warehouse S:Shipped W:In Warehouse B:Backordered A:To Be Shipped K:Backordered