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Summit 8 Bottle Countertop Wine Chiller - STC1

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    Summit Summit 8 Bottle Countertop Wine Chiller - STC1

    Keep your wine at the optimal temperature for serving with the Summit 8 Bottle Countertop Wine Chiller (STC1). This unique wine chiller giver you the opportunity to chill up to eight (8) bottles at once, and these bottles are stored upright allowing you to even properly store open bottles of wine. A glass window is built into the front with a led light so that you can see the labels of the front four bottles of wine and choose the right bottle for your specific occasions. Weighing only 25 lbs. this chiller is easily portable, and can be placed on counters, table tops, or other compact and convenient places.

    The temperature of this chiller is controlled with a front mounted electronic thermostat control panel that lets you adjust the temperature of your chiller anywhere from 46-66 deg F, making it ideal for storing white, red, or blush wines, and a display clearly shows you exactly where your temperature is set. To cool the wine, this chiller utilizes thermoelectric technology that operates free of vibrations that can often hurt the flavor of your wine.. Thermoelectric technology also allows the unit to operate much quieter then other wine chillers so that both you and your wine remain undisturbed. To top off all of these features, this chiller is extremely environmentally friendly as it does not use freon, or CFC. With a large convenience upright storage capacity, adjustable temperature controls, and thermoelectric technology make this chiller a must have for any wine enthusiast.

    Upright Storage:Chill and store up to eight (8) bottles in the upright position that works for both open and unopened wine

    Adjustable Thermostat:Electronic controls allow you to set your temperature anywhere between 46-66 deg F making this chiller great for white, red, or blush wine

    Thermoelectric Technology:Vibration free thermoelectric cooling keeps your unit quiet and your wine undisturbed

    Please note: this chiller is designed to accommodate standard-sized Bordeaux-style bottles and smaller. Larger diameter bottles may not fit.