Friendly Expert Sales Advice

Expert sales advice you can trust

Where does our expertise come from?
Each Sales Representative undergoes weeks of hands on product training. Each sales representative also has instant access to the latest product data files and manufacturer provided information for practically anything sold at our store - everything from refrigerators to ice makers to tankless water heaters, our product specialists will have the answer. We have even taken apart several key product types to ensure our reps know the inner workings of even some the most complex merchandise we carry.

What you can expect from our sales professionals:

  • Good questions that help us clearly understand what you need
  • Clear, concise answers to your questions, in plain language
  • Correct recommendations - all recommended products will be thoroughly explained
  • Everything you need - you will be offered all of the components and accessories you may need to completely enjoy your purchase
  • No pressure - if you'd like some time to think things over, you can come back to your pre-loaded shopping cart or utilize our product wish list