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24 Inch Wide Single Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler with Alternating (Blue, White, Amber) LED lighting, Door Alarm, Touch Control Panel and Lockable Right Hinged Door
24 Inch Wide Single Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler with Alternating (Blue, White, Amber) LED lighting, Door Alarm, Touch Control Panel and Lockable Right Hinged Door
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Learn About Wine & Beverage Coolers

Wine & Beverage Refrigerators: Your One Stop Drink Shop

If you’re the only wine lover in a household full of beer and soda drinkers, then finding an appliance to meet everyone’s needs may be difficult. Instead of convincing (forcing) your significant other to purchase a wine cooler, instead, think about buying an advanced wine and beverage refrigerator that will supply your family with intuitive, supplemental drink storage.

At WineCoolerDirect, we offer an endless supply of multi-functional coolers with different capacities, functions and finishes, so whether it’s out on the deck or in the corner of your media room, you’ll find the perfect model to suit your needs.

The Benefits of a Wine & Beverage Center

Unlike many canned beverages, different types of wine—such as red, white and sparkling—require precise specifications in order to properly preserve the taste and quality. Luckily for you, most wine and beverage centers utilize dual zone cooling technology to keep your drinks-of-choice stored in the best possible conditions. Engineered with either thermoelectric or compressor-based cooling systems, each zone features independent climate controls which actively monitor and maintain your preferred settings.

With powerful cooling systems capable of reaching temperatures in the mid 30’s to perfectly chill sodas and beer without freezing, these efficient coolers are ideal additions to any space in need of versatile storage.

No matter the size of your wine collection or the intended application, we have a wine and beverage center ready to accommodate your specific needs. By taking up virtually no floor space, our selection of built-in refrigerators are ideal contenders for the most compact of spaces. These chillers feature front ventilation to pull warm exhaust away from the compressor, which optimizes energy efficiencies and enhances overall product longevity. Complete your kitchen with an elegant undercounter display that offers up to 7 cubic feet of convenient wine storage, or flush-mount it with cabinetry for a seamless appearance that guests won’t stop admiring.

Units designed for freestanding operation provide warranted functionality and take no time to set up. Whether it’s resting on the countertop, next to the bookshelf, or under your desk, these coolers can be easily transported for convenient drink access wherever you desire.

Not just any combination fridge can withstand the hot summer heat. If you’re purchasing a unit that’s intended for outdoor use, we’re equipped with many wine and beverage centers that will effectively chill drinks in 100° weather. Fully reinforced with stainless steel exteriors, certified compressors, and insulated glass or stainless steel doors, your new cooler will effortlessly provide chilly refreshments for many summers to come.

Find Your Ideal Cooler

For over 17 years, we’ve specialized in carrying only the best wine and beverage refrigerators. Whether you’re remodeling the entertainment room or trying to optimize as much space as possible, you’ll find just what you need at WineCoolerDirect. If you can’t decide which model will best suit your home or have any questions about the features or specifications, our award-winning customer support team will be waiting to assist you in any way possible.