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Learn About Cellar Cooling Systems

Wine Cellar Cooling Units: Keep Your Cellar at a Precise Temperature

Wine collections are priceless investments that must be stored under precise specifications to preserve taste and maturation. We have everything you’d possibly need to build and customize your very own wine cellar. Wine cellar cooling units help maintain constant humidity levels in your space which is crucial when creating the perfect environment to store any wine collection.

Surplus moisture will lead to mold and other fungal contaminations, while dry environments can shrink and damage corks—ruining your wine in the process. Shop our assortment of advanced cellar cooling units and create the perfect space for storing wine.


Without the need of ductwork or refrigeration lines, self-contained/through-the-wall cooling systems are affordable solutions for easily controlling the temperature and humidity level in your wine cellar or cabinet. These type of cooling units are engineered to operate with an evaporator and condenser all combined in one appliance, allowing for a quick installation without the need of a technician.

Breezaire, CellarPro and Wine-Mate have been supplying us with professional-grade cooling systems that provide versatile, reliable function. With features like convenient electronic control panels, along with LED displays and power outage protection, you’ll have no issues finding a model to supplement your collection.

Ductless Split Systems

Known for their long-lasting performance and efficiency, ductless split systems will maintain consistent a temperature and humidity level in spaces where proper ventilation is not available. This split-system design allows for the evaporative components to be placed directly inside your cellar, while the compressor, fan and cooling coil are installed up to 50 feet away for effective ventilation. This split appliance reduces overall noise levels in your wine cellar while also minimizing vibrations which are believed to affect the quality and maturation of your wine. Some wine room coolers are equipped with blocked airflow and power outage protection, others feature audible alarms to alert you of temperature fluctuations within the cellar.

Ducted Systems

Choose from a variety of ducted cooling systems to keep your wine cellar as clutter-free as possible. These powerful coolers make for a great presentation, utilizing ventilation ducts that allow the wine cellar cooling unit to be installed farther from your cellar than standard cooling systems. The least amount of vibrations are emitted by ducted systems—making them the quietest, and safest, choice for your wine. All duct cooling systems offered meet and exceed North American safety standards, so you know you’re receiving a quality product that won’t disappoint. Invest in one of CellarPro’s corresponding duct kits to get everything you’d need for a quick and easy installation.

Cellar Cooling Unit Accessories

When it comes to customization and affordability, we have a wide range of accessories for your wine cellar cooling unit. From filters to replacement parts, we have everything you could ever need, and more. Our duct kits provide additional leeway for your DIY cellar-ventilation project, increasing the system’s overall reach for a convenient installation anywhere you’d need. Upgrade your wine cellar cooling unit with a LED display control unit to remotely adjust temperature and other functions, or a Wine-Mate Call Feature to immediately notify you of any climate changes in your cellar. Shop valuable compressor heaters, drain lines, bottle probe extensions and more—your wine cellar is in good hands.

A wine cellar cooling unit helps ensure your wine collection is properly stored and tastes great for many years to come.