Edgestar built-in wine & beverage coolers are inspired by you to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and suit your specific wine and beverage storage needs. This 24” design fits perfectly in standard undercounter areas and allows you to store and display up to 17 bottles of wine and 60 beverage cans. Loaded with features and an elegant french door design this wine & beverage refrigerator is a popular choice that will perfectly blend into any home décor.

Dual Temperature Zones

Achieve better tasting and longer lasting wine and beverages by chilling them at their optimal temperatures. Chill beverage cans in the left zone, which has a temperature range of 36-43° F and wine in the right zone, which has a wide temperature range of 41-72° F.

Air Cooled Technology

The entire interior will be cooled to your desired temperature as air cooled technology uses powerful circulation fans to evenly distribute cool air eliminating hot spots and uneven cooling.

Preservation Glass

The dual paned, tempered glass door ensures that your wine and beverage collection will be protected from any potentially harmful outside elements. Tempered or toughened glass makes for a sturdier door that is less likely to shatter or break. The dual paned element helps ensure proper insulation and temperature control, which is an absolute necessity for both the average wine collector and the aficionado alike.

Digital Controls

One of the most important elements of a cooling system is the controls. They should be accessible, easily understood, and provide you with accurate information on the exact temperature you are attempting to achieve. The intuitive touch control and digital temperature display allow you to easily adjust and monitor the desired temperature based on your specific cooling needs.

Elegant Design

The sleek stainless steel trim French doors, soft LED interior lighting and classic slide-out wood trimmed shelves provide a timeless design for an overall great presentation of your wine and beverages. Whatever the setting, these units are sure to spark conversation about their attractive and pleasing aesthetic.

ADA Compliant

The 32” height makes this is an ideal choice for ADA-accessible homes and office spaces.

Shelf Arrangement

This shelf layout will allow you to achieve the maximum bottle capacity based on a ‘Typical Bordeaux’ bottle.

Bottle Sizes and Storage Capacity

The standard bottle capacity is based off of the ‘Typical Bordeaux’ bottle dimensions. Please note that if storing larger bottle sizes, the bottle storage capacity will be reduced. The above image shows the different bottle dimensions of some of the most popular wine bottles.