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16.5 Inch Wide Cu. Ft. 4 Tap Wine Kegerator
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Wine Thermometer Bottle Clip
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Wine Gadgets: The Best Gifts for a Wine Enthusiast

Do you have someone special in your life who geeks out over the latest and greatest gadget? Know anyone who goes crazy for new technology that is constantly released into the market? If this special someone is also a wine lover, then we have the best selection of wine-related gadgets that are sure to delight them. Whether your friend or family member is a wine collector, a wine entertainer or simply a wine enthusiast, choose a perfect gift for them from our carefully curated selection of wine openers, wine dispensers, bar tools, preservers and other accessories.

Gadgets That Do It All

As every gadget lover knows, there is so much more to opening, serving and enjoying wine than the beverage itself. The process and ritual of chilling, opening and aerating the wine can be an intricate and essential part of drinking wine or hosting wine parties. In order to be able to truly enjoy wine to its fullest, gadget geeks may wish to have a few different tools and accessories on hand in their home bar or just in their kitchen drawer.

Dispensing and storing wine properly is one of the most challenging aspects of fine wine drinking. Fortunately, there are gadgets to help with the conundrum of the half-finished bottle of wine. Check out our wine bottle dispensers and preserver machines which help to keep wine in its most drinkable, flavorful state by protecting it from too much light or air exposure. These handy contraptions make hosting parties easy by automatically measuring out exact servings of wine that are chilled to their perfect temperature, a technology that is sure to thrill any lover of novelty and invention. Or perhaps you would rather gift a gadget that efficiently chills one bottle of wine at a time for easy preparation and drinking at a moment’s notice.

Some other ways of accurately dispensing ideally cooled and aerated wine are much more simple and portable than a full-featured pourer and storage system. Choose from several colors of our cooling pour spouts, which chill wine as it is poured off into the glass. Or, you may want to give the gift of perfectly aerated wine via glasses which automatically oxygenate the liquid within as they are swirled. These fancy gadgets make great gifts and will never cease to amaze party guests with their abilities. Other instantaneous aerators, such as those which oxygenate the wine that is poured through them, are also available in our collection.

Choose From Our Selection

We here at Wine Cooler Direct pride ourselves on being one of the best resources for wine lovers, wine gift givers and gadget aficionados of all kinds. Shopping our curated collection of the best bar accessories available means that you have access to the finest and most wanted wine-related gifts on the market, whether you are on a strict budget or not. Buy your next wine gadget gift through Wine Cooler Direct and make your recipient very happy.