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Wine Making Ingredient Kits

Have you always wanted to dabble with wine making? Do you enjoy the idea of having your own collection of wine that you personally crafted? The complete wine making process is quite detailed and can take many years to perfect. In fact, just finding the perfect wine ingredients and crafting the right combination of flavors for a certain type of wine is a critical and lengthy process. However, there are wine making kits that make the process of creating wine at home quite easy. A proper wine making ingredient kit is a great way to reach your wine making aspirations.

A kit contains all the ingredients necessary to create the wine that you desire. There are a variety of kit options that you can use to create white, red and blush wines. You can select your choice of wine depending upon the added flavors, flavor intensity and body type. Many of the kits are crafted from well-known wine brands, so you can rest assured in the quality of the product that you will create. Also, with many of the wines taking just a few weeks to ferment, you will be able to enjoy your wine in no time.

Take Away the Guess Work

The wine making process can be broken down into five stages. First, the grapes must be harvested. Both science and taste are used in determining the right time to harvest grapes to reach the desired flavor for the particular wine. Second, the grapes are sorted, de-stemmed and crushed. Many wine makers utilize mechanical presses to complete this process, though a few makers still incorporate the original manner of crushing the grapes by stomping on them. To create white wine the juice is quickly separated from the skin, while the juice is left in contact with the solid material for red wine. Third, the juice or “must” is fermented. This process can take between ten days to a month, depending upon the desired texture of the wine. Fourth, the wine is clarified, which is the process of removing solids from the liquid. This can be achieved through a filtration process or by adding substances to the wine to get rid of the solid material. Fifth and finally, the wine is aged and bottled.

As you can see, the process takes quite a bit of work and requires true dedication. For individuals interested in making wine at home, many of the needed materials and equipment are not readily available. Thankfully, utilizing a wine making ingredient kit can cut down most of the steps. In fact, the first four steps are completed for you, leaving just the process of aging and bottling the wine to you. This takes out any guesswork. As long as you follow the instructions and utilize proper equipment for making wine at home, you will be left with a tasty wine that you and your loved ones can enjoy.

At Wine Cooler Direct we have a plethora of wine making ingredient kits for you to choose from. Browse the vast selection to find the right choice for you and your taste buds.

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