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Wine Racks & Wine Cabinets: Functional Furniture to Store Your Wine Collection

The beauty of wine is that there are so many varietals to choose from, giving you the opportunity to start a journey of discovering different flavors and aromas from regions all over the world. Or course, throughout this journey you will need a place to store all of your unopened bottles of wine. A wine cooler is easily one of the most popular storage options, as you can keep your wine at the perfect temperature and always read to serve. However, this isn't the only solution to storing your wine collection.

Wine racks are another popular way to store wine, especially for those that have small living spaces or want to work their collection into the decor of their home. Whether they hang from the ceiling, are mounted to the wall or are converted onto a rolling cart, a wine rack will come in many unique forms. Some racks will be small and hold only a few bottles. While other racks will be large and safely hold hundreds of bottles. There are even wine racks that allow you to customize its overall size or shape to help you store your wine in the most convenient way possible for you. Needless to say, wine racks have come a long way over the years, a fact that is readily apparent when you glance at our wide selection.

The Benefits of Wine Racks

Revolutionizing the concept of wine storage for today's consumers, one of the primary benefits you will receive from using a wine rack is that they contribute to the process of aging. Depending on how you store unopened bottles, you could end up spoiling the flavor with too much dryness and exposure or helping the true flavor and aroma develop over time. Wine racks are designed to help your wine blossom as it ages.

Why You Should Store Wine Horizontally

If you don't plan on drinking a bottle of wine in the near future, then it is recommend that you store it in a horizontal position. Wine racks are designed to store your bottles horizontally, which is ideal to help the cork retain a consistent level of moisture to prevent oxygen flowing into the bottle. In addition, the rising popularity of wine making means that many enthusiasts are now investing in larger racks and holders to accommodate the size of their growing collection, especially the wine they made themselves. Aging and analyzing how a particular wine develops over time is crucial to improving the wine making process, and a wine rack is perfect for anybody that doesn't have a cellar near by.

Types of Wine Racking to Consider

While the overwhelming variety of wine racks available to you does provide an opportunity to find the best possible option for your home, the search for the best wine rack can be just that—overwhelming. Which is why we wanted to break down the three most popular types of wine racks, to help you find the best rack for you and your lifestyle.

1. Metal Wine Racks

From stainless steel to cast iron, metal wine racks are a convenient storage solution that delivers both style and sophistication to your home. No matter how big or small your wine collection is, you should have no problem finding a metal wine rack that will work for your home. Known to be strong and sturdy, this type of wine rack does a great job at keeping your unopened bottles secure while adding a touch of elegance to a modern home. Or perhaps you're looking for a way to age your wine and add a hint of rustic charm, there are wine racks for that, too. Metal racks are available in many forms, including free-standing units that can sit directly on your floor or counter-tops, but the most popular versions come in the form of wall-mounted or hanging racks.

2. Wooden Wine Racks

Wood wine racks have many of the same benefits of their metal counterparts, but have a natural beauty that has a certain appeal to many homeowners. Extremely durable and known to last for many years, this type of wine rack is commonly made out of pine, oak and cedar. If you're looking for a rack that can be customized to fit into odd spaces or allow you to add on over time, a wood version may be your best bet. Wooden wine racks are available in many forms, including free-standing units that can sit directly on your floor or counter-tops, but the most popular versions come in the form of wall-mounted or hanging racks.

3. Wine Cabinets

If you frequently entertain guests in your home, a wine cabinet may be the best storage solution for you. More of a functional piece of furniture instead of a simple rack, a wine cabinet not only allows you to store your wine collection, but also keep other accessories, such as glassware or bottle openers, close by and ready to use. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, a wine cabinet is designed to keep a few bottles close-by and, sometimes, doubles as a serving tray or rolling cart.

Finding the Best Wine Rack For You

The perfect combination of function and aesthetic, wine racks bring a classic touch of elegance to your decor. No matter how often you choose to partake in a relaxing glass of wine, the fact remains that finding a place to put it can become tricky without the right setup. One of the most popular accessories for wine, even the average enthusiast should have a sturdy wine rack to keep a few bottles safely tucked away and aging appropriately.

Following the rules of proper wine care does not mean that you have to sacrifice modern stylistic elements, and our selection of wine racks will allow you to build your collection, store it safely and keep it at the ready to serve, all while adding to the decor of your home. If you have any questions about wine racks, please give us a call.