Wine Refrigerators

Learn About Wine Refrigerators

Wine Refrigerators: Store Your Wine at the Perfect Temperature is ready to supply your space with each-and-every type of wine refrigerator you could possibly need. We specialize in providing industry-leading brands that are readily available for your convenience, at a price that simply can’t be beat. Whether you’re looking for a compact option to store less than 25 bottles, or a beautiful wine credenza to supplement your ever-growing collection, we offer a wide assortment of wine coolers all designed to fit into your lifestyle or unique situation.

How to Find the Best Wine Cooler For You

From space-saving single and dual zone wine coolers to professional large-capacity cellars, you’ll find an assortment of models backed by countless customer reviews to help determine the best fit for your lifestyle. Navigate through our selection of wine refrigerators or give us a call.

Small Capacity Fridges

Perfect for mini-bars, entertainment rooms, or on the counter, we have a wide selection of small wine fridges that store up to 25 bottles to supplement compact spaces with ease. These wine refrigerators use advanced thermoelectric or convection cooling technology to effectively chill your bottles. Available in a variety of styles, and with units as small as 6” in width, you’ll have no issues finding the best chiller for your needs.

Medium Capacity Fridges

If you’re looking for a medium capacity refrigerator to easily store a number of your favorite wines, shop our assortment of 26 through 38-bottle capacity undercounter, built-in, freestanding and integrated wine coolers. These versatile refrigerators are equipped with adjustable shelving to store a variety of bottle sizes, and are slim enough to seamlessly fit into your home.

Browse our selection of 38 to 66 bottle refrigerators if you’re in need of more space. These larger additions make for ideal wine storage in kitchens, home bars and dining rooms—loaded with a surplus of features that help preserve your wines’ taste and maturation.

Freestanding wine coolers are constructed to stand alone for quick and convenient installations, making them perfect for dinner parties and other celebrations. Some wine refrigerators can be built-in or installed undercounter thanks to their front-venting design, flush mounting with cabinetry for a beautiful appearance that enhances any space.

Large Capacity Units

Refrigerators with a capacity of 67-110 bottles are dependable solutions for storing substantial amounts of wine. There are an array of wine cabinets and merchandisers engineered with dual zone technology to individually cool multiple types of wine at their optimal temperatures. With unique LED interior lighting and digital touch panel controls, these impressive cooling units make for attractive displays in any setting.

If you don’t have the space, or time, to build your own wine cellar, invest in one of our 111 to 200 bottle wine coolers. These sophisticated refrigerators will mimic wine cellar climates to ensure your bottles are properly stored and ready to drink. Insulated double-paned/tinted glass doors provide unwarranted protection by preventing exposure to harmful UV light, which can alter the chemical makeup of your wine and affect its taste and quality. We even offer 200+ bottle capacity options for connoisseurs looking to supplement their larger-than-life wine collections.

Wine Dispensers

We also specialize in providing unique wine dispensers that are constructed to distribute wine without any unwanted oxidation. Dispensing wine from a keg or cask allows you to reduce overall costs while preventing excess waste from leftover wine bottles. These appliances utilize wine-certified components, such as barrier tubing and 304 stainless steel faucets, to prevent oxygenation and taste alteration. Wine dispensers by Vinotemp are extremely compact alternatives to full-size dispensers, with capacities as small as 4 bottles to conveniently serve a number of bottles anywhere you’d want. Using nitrogen gas to efficiently cool and preserve your drinks, these dispensers can achieve optimal temperatures for red, white and sparkling wines.

If you’re looking to invest in a reliable wine refrigerator but aren’t sure where to begin, navigate through our wide selection of styles, sizes and capacities.